Two Month Calendar

  • Two Month Calendar
  • Two Month Calendar

Sometimes in printing (and in life) you run into an immovable obstacle and there's no choice but to just stop. That's what happened here: I had ambitious plans to print a complete 12-month calendar for 2021, but, after printing January and February, something went horribly wrong with the "30," and, lacking a replacement, and with the originals cast in New Zealand, that was my immovable.

But who says calendars have to be 12 months long?

So my immovable becomes a 2 month calendar, for January and February 2021. As a special bonus, you can put the calendar in a dresser drawer and bring it back out in 2027, 2038 and 2044, when it will be equally accurate. (You'll probably want to be paying attention in January 2038, as there's a Y2K-like problem happening on the 19th that year).

Each month is 8½ by 5½ inches, printed on 67 pound card stock. Months are set in 120 point Akzidenz Grotesk; days and dates with a purpose-cast calendar font from The Foundry and The Printing Museum in Mangaroa, New Zealand.


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